CPD Nutrition course.

The aim of this two-day course is to demonstrate how nutrition can maintain and improve our health status.  The course content includes:-

  • DSCF0019[1]Nutritional value of food
  • The effects of poor nutrition
  • How to develop individual nutritional plans for clients
  • Our relationship with food and eating.
  •  A study of how and what we eat can effect health.
  •  The impact of particular foods on specific health conditions.


DSCF0379[1]The course will show how to build realistic nutritional profiles to match overall levels of health, ability, personal choice and lifestyle.   Primarily the aim of the course is to show the enjoyment of healthy eating and how  diet can not only maintain, but also, improve health status. It is a residential course, the venue being in the  beautiful countryside of Devon. All meals will be vegetarian with food locally sourced whenever possible. The food will reflect the course content so it will be healthy whilst, at the same time, being enjoyable and inspiring.  All meals will be prepared by our cook, Patrick.

This course is for complementary health practitioners who would like to be able to advise their clients on diet and nutrition.

Jan is the tutor for this course.   She is author of The Friendly Food Book.